Anticipation of Antiquity – Sail Through History Aboard an Oceania Cruise – Lansing State Journal | Gmx Pharm

Piazza dell’Unita d’Italia is Italy’s largest square overlooking the sea. The expanse in front of Trieste’s 19th-century Palazzo del Municipio offers an elevated view of the Gulf of Venice in the blue Adriatic Sea, and over a glass of red wine one can imagine the future that awaits over 10 days aboard the cruise ship Oceania on below Wait. And then sleep and dream about it.

“Trieste is a beautiful city that has a lot to offer from a historical point of view. Stroll and explore,” advises Andrea Grisdale, Founder of IC Bellagio, Italy’s leading travel consultant for bespoke travel.

In the morning I had to remind myself to eat just a cautious “colazione” at the DoubleTree by Hilton hotel in central Trieste – where it would have been easy at the Novecentro restaurant to overeat at their lavish Italian breakfast buffet of meat, cheese, eggs, Ricotta pancakes, brioches, thick hot chocolate and more. But I was within an hour to board the bus to the Riviera — and it would be silly to take a full stomach aboard an Oceania cruise ship.

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