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Spring break is just around the corner and a popular time for a road trip. If you want to make such a trip, in this article you will find five tips for planning a fun and memorable trip.

1. Study winter conditions

Going on a spring break trip most likely means that some potential travel destinations still face wintry conditions. This is especially true if you’re traveling anywhere in the northern United States, where places like Wyoming can still have snow through June in some areas. For this reason, you should take possible road conditions into account when planning. Check to see if adverse conditions are likely to occur in the areas you travel through. If this is the case, plan how this is likely to affect your trip and have a backup plan or two in mind to ensure your trip can continue with minimal disruption.

winter conditions

2. Check updated COVID-19 restrictions

Many places have recently eased their Covid-19 restrictions, but the exact restrictions still in place continue to vary greatly from place to place. Some cities have functioned with very few restrictions, even by private companies, while other cities like Seattle are lifting mask mandates right now. Additionally, restrictions can be opposed by multiple levels of government, ranging from nationwide mandates to decisions by private companies. Because of this, you should take some time to review what policies or requirements currently apply to places where you travel, stay or explore to ensure your trip goes as smoothly as possible.

Check out the Covid-19 regulations

3. Save time for unexpected fun

For many, the attraction of the destination is often the focus of their trip. However, if you’re traveling, some of the most memorable moments might actually happen on the journey there. While getting to your destination as quickly as possible is definitely rewarding, it can also mean you miss out on many potentially amazing experiences. Try to leave some space in your schedule for unexpected fun – spend a few hours exploring local shops in a small town, or fit a nature walk into a driving break.

Save time for unexpected fun

4. Pack an emergency kit

This is one that’s suitable for any type of trip, although it’s easy to overlook in the excitement of venturing out onto the open road. Bringing some emergency supplies is a great way to ensure you are as safe and prepared as possible. Exactly what you want to take with you will depend somewhat on the details of your trip, but in general such first aid kits and bandages are great no matter the length and destination of your trip. If your route takes you through cold-weather locations, be sure to also pack an emergency thermal blanket – they’re cheap online and in several major stores, and are a great way to stay warm if you’re having trouble with your car.

Pack an emergency kit

5. Don’t push yourself under pressure

It can be tempting to fit as much driving into your road trip as possible, especially when you have a destination to look forward to or need to be home by a certain time. However, driving long distances can be not only dangerously tiring, but also stressful. Instead, consider adding extra time and stops to your schedule. Whether it’s more breaks to stretch your legs or a weekend home before you have to go to work, this gives you extra peace of mind when traveling and takes the stress out of your drive.

Don't push yourself under pressure

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