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If hiking is your favorite hobby and you want to take your kids to have a good time, read on. Family hiking is incredibly rewarding. You will teach your children to preserve the wilderness and to love nature. Not to mention that you are in a healthy environment with your family. If that sounds good to you, read our top tips for hiking with your kids for the first time.

1. Keep it simple

Since this is your first time hiking with the kids, I strongly advise you to keep it easy. Too long or strenuous hikes should be avoided the first few times – instead choose a slightly shorter trail that still allows the children to see something unusual, such as a waterfall, lake or stream. It is also important that you set up a few rest areas where you can all take a break and enjoy the natural wonders around you. Children will surely appreciate that.

2. Dress for success

The key to success for new hikers is layering – it’s always easier to take something off when it gets too hot. I always make sure I have rain gear in my pack as these are great for both wet and windy weather. Having said that, proper shoes are a must and these depend on the terrain. It’s always a good idea to bring a change of clothes and an extra pair of shoes for your kids as they can get very wet and muddy during your adventure.

3. Warn them about berries and poisonous plants

As you already know, there are many unfamiliar plants and different types of berries that look edible but are often poisonous. For this reason, you should familiarize yourself with it before you set foot in the forest – and so should your children. It is important to point to them and tell them not to be touched or picked.

4. Bring lots of snacks

As soon as you notice your kids getting tired or disinterested, stop and offer them snacks from your backpack – they’ll perk up right away! Just make sure you bring healthy ones, like fresh fruit and veg that you’ve washed and sliced ​​ahead of time. Granola bars can also come in handy, as can mixed nuts and raisins. Apart from that, water is also highly recommended as it will help you all stay refreshed and continue your hiking adventure with ease. Put two bottles in the side pockets of your backpack and you’re good to go!

5. Sun and insect repellent basics

Last but not least – sun and bug repellent products are just as important as all of the above because you definitely want to prevent bug bites and sunburn, right? When hiking with the kids, I always have my Ultraceuticals sunscreen with me. I love it because it offers both UVA and UVB protection. SPF 50+ is more than welcomed by children, simply because their skin is still too sensitive and prone to sunburn without protection. The same applies to insect repellent – a cream or spray is absolutely necessary when going out into nature, as this prevents later bites and scratches.

6. Put a whistle on your kids

The chances of your child getting lost are almost zero, but if they’re unlikely to be separated, make sure they carry a whistle. They can blow their whistle to let you know their location.

You see, there are many things you need to do before you embark on a new adventure experience – hiking with your kids. While that may seem like a lot, trust me – it’s not. Your children will very quickly get used to spending time in nature and no doubt you will all enjoy it to the fullest!


Hiking with children FAQ

I’ve gotten a few of the same questions quite often over the years, so I decide to add a FAQ section to this post.

What is the best hiking stroller?

I hiked with a stroller but it wasn’t a typical stroller. I used a bicycle trailer that could also be used as a stroller when hiking. These trailers are lightweight and their ability to maneuver through different types of terrain is way better than any stroller. It’s wider than most strollers, so keep that in mind before you take it on a trail!

But more often than not I hiked without a pram. In the area where I live, the trails occasionally have steps or narrow to use a stroller. In these cases, I usually had a child in a backpack on my back. When the kids were super small, a baby carrier that I could carry while hiking was my choice.

a baby in a hiking backpack
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