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These 5 camping tips for beginners will make you want to camp again

Shortly after graduating from college, I was invited on a short weekend camping trip. I had no outdoor experience or equipment and was completely broke. But I really wanted to take part. I started asking for advice on finding cheap used gear and as luck would have it, someone offered to lend me a tent they were no longer using.

When campout weekend rolled around, I packed up the randomly cobbled together gear and headed to the campsite. I was really excited. Although I’ve never been exposed to outdoor activities, camping always looked like fun to me. When I arrived I set up my gear and spent the evening hanging out and cooking dinner over the fire. I had a great time.

Shortly after the sun went down, the sky grew menacingly dark. Thunder rumbled in the distance and within minutes it was pouring rain. We packed everything up and retreated to our tents. As I lay there listening to the storm, it felt like my back was getting wet. ‘That’s strange’, I thought. I grabbed my flashlight and turned it on to find the entire tent was flooded with rainwater. No wonder the lender stopped using it.

There was no way I could spend the night there. Everything was soaked and I was beyond frustrated. I swore to myself that day that I would never camp again. Who would have thought that 20 years later I would be writing an article with my best camping tips for beginners?

About 10 years after the great flood of tents, I actually camped again. This time, however, I had a different attitude and a better tent. I’ve been at this for many years now and have spent hundreds and hundreds of nights sleeping outside. If I could go back in time and offer advice to my younger self, here’s what I would say.

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