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Family trips are something very special. You’re probably looking to save money, but advice for the so-called “budget traveler” doesn’t always apply (unless you’re happy to tuck your toddler in the top bed of a noisy hostel…) and “luxury travel” advice doesn’t always apply either (unless you’re looking for restaurants on the island of Capri.) There are many excellent family travel websites (Ed. Note: um), but travel has changed so much and there are many websites and services out there that work for everyone.

So, if you’re traveling this summer (and we sincerely hope you will!) and want to save time, money and stress, check out our small but mighty list of travel sites you probably aren’t using – but should. We’ve covered every stage of your journey, from deciding where to go to making sure your pets and plants are well looked after while you’re away.

5 amazing travel websites for planning family trips

To decide where to go:

oyster – “We check personally – just like your mother-in-law.” This is Oyster’s slogan and what sets it apart from most travel booking websites. You can use Oyster to search by preferred travel destination and then browse all resort and hotel listings grouped into categories like Best Beach, Best Kid Friendly, and Best Hotel Rooms. Rather than relying on descriptions and photos provided by the property, Oyster publishes its high-resolution photos and a factual assessment of what staying there is actually like, including a list of pros and cons. Oyster isn’t necessarily a one-stop shop for planning a trip, but it’s a resource worth consulting, especially if you want to avoid getting burned by inaccurate photos and ownership descriptions.

For road trip planning:

roadtripper – With a $23.99 annual membership, you can easily plan your trip AND know you haven’t missed any of the best sights in between. Just plug in your start and end points, and Roadtrippers’ interactive map will show you all the great stops in between, from national parks to quirky roadside attractions (world’s biggest ball of yarn, anyone?), and whether you’re traveling with teenagers or other families , just add them to the trip for them to view and add suggestions to help you create an itinerary that works for everyone. Roadtrippers is best suited for travelers looking for off-the-beaten-path suggestions and for those who want to streamline the planning, booking, and travel process in one easy-to-use place. You can also use the platform to estimate fuel costs, book accommodation and find restaurants along the way. You still have to pack the snacks!

To compare costs:

travel math – A simple, easy-to-navigate, no-frills website that helps travelers estimate and compare travel expenses. In other words, if you’re wondering whether it would be cheaper to drive or fly, then this is the site for you. Travelmath even tells you how its calculations came about, so you can evaluate the information yourself and plug in your own vehicle’s specific gas mileage. Travelmath tells you exactly where you are midway and suggests stops along your journey, with helpful links to cheap hotel booking sites. And if you do decide to fly, you’re just a click away from comparing fares on three price comparison sites, including Kayak.

For the best experience:

Get your guide – Helps travelers avoid tourist traps and saves them over-expenditure by booking through expensive local suppliers that typically charge a premium. If you want access to all the local experiences, even the niche ones off the beaten track, and want to secure your spot before you arrive at your destination, this is the website for you. Search by country, city, location, main attraction, tour type or a handful of other criteria, and Get Your Guide will provide suggested activities and instant booking access. The best part is that you skip the lines! Sign up for emails to get travel tips, personalized itineraries and vacation inspiration straight to your inbox.

For what remains:

Trusted house sitters – We were all there, weren’t we? You finally decide where to go, plan and book the trip, only to remind yourself that your work is not done yet. what about the house The pets? The plants? This is where TrustedHousesitters comes in. With an annual ownership plan starting at $179, you can find and connect with hundreds, even thousands, of friendly, caring, vetted house and pet sitters to take care of whatever you leave behind. Best of all, the sitters do not charge for their services, which means that the site’s yearly membership will most likely pay for itself. Start your search for the perfect house and pet sitter by creating a personal listing, then choose your sitter by inviting sitters to apply or reviewing sitter applications. Trustedhousesitters is a great offer for everyone, but is most useful for households with multiple pets and/or families who travel long distances and/or several times a year.

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