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Resolute Cup 2022 at the New York Yacht Club – Day 2

by New York Yacht Club Sep 15 5:09pm PDT
September 12-17, 2022

Day 2 of the 2022 Resolute Cup © Paul Todd /

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Shelter Island and Larchmont face the situation, Punch Ticket to Gold Fleet

Mike Tyson is famous for saying that everyone has a good plan until they get hit in the mouth. For the Shelter Island Yacht Club team competing in the 2022 Resolute Cup, Day 1 wasn’t much different than a hard push from the former heavyweight champion. After six races and just one finish better than the middle class, the team was in ninth place, three places away from a coveted spot in the Gold fleet. With a two-time Olympic gold medalist at the helm and a summer of training to prepare, this wasn’t the way things were supposed to go for the venerable club on Long Island’s east end.

Qualifying series final results here…

For the live broadcast, which begins Friday at 10:30 a.m. EDT, click here…

“Going into this event I had real confidence in the team we had prepared,” says Amanda Clark, the SIYC skipper. “The first day of sailing was a real blow to our ego. We really felt like we put a lot of time into training [those results] were really tough.”

One of the unique aspects of the Resolute Cup is that the four-day event is actually two separate regattas. The first two days are the qualifying series; The goal is simply to be in the top half of your respective fleet. That earns a place in the Gold Fleet for the last two days of the event and a shot at the Resolute Cup and associated invitation to the 2023 Rolex New York Yacht Club Invitational Cup. Since the results of the first half don’t carry over, it’s really a binary result, either a team makes it to the Gold Fleet or is relegated to the Silver Fleet.

The Shelter Island team are among those teams that are breathing a lot easier tonight. Despite yesterday’s underperformance, they believed in their collective ability and teamwork. After four solid races today, including two second places, Clark and her crew secured sixth place in the Blue Fleet and a place in the Gold Fleet starting tomorrow.

“We’re here to have fun and race,” says Clark. “Of course there were some quiet moments in the boat, but we just kept pushing forward. We really enjoy sailing the RS21 [which will be used exclusively for the Gold Fleet going forward] and we want to sail the final in it. It was our motivation [qualify for the] Finale, because if we didn’t, sailing with the RS21s would be discontinued. I’m glad this story doesn’t end.”

The Resolute Cup was first held in 2010 as a US qualifying series for the Rolex New York Yacht Club Invitational Cup. The biannual regatta, which is sailed out of New York Yacht Club Harbor Court, has since developed an identity of its own as yacht clubs from across the United States send their best amateur sailors to Newport, RI to compete for national bragging rights In addition to a coveted place in the Rolex New York Yacht Club Invitational Cup, the first international sailing regatta in Corinth. The 2022 Resolute Cup, taking place September 12-17, will feature the New York Yacht Club’s 23-foot Sonar fleet and an RS21 fleet from regatta sponsor RS Sailing. Icarus Sports will be covering the final two days of the regatta live, which is also sponsored by Hammetts Hotel, Helly Hansen and Safe Harbor Marinas.

How to follow the Resolute Cup

A live broadcast from Icarus Sports will allow sailing fans, friends and colleagues from across the country to follow the last two days of the Resolute Cup 2022. The broadcast will be available on YouTube and Facebook from Friday morning. Live tracking from TracTrac will be available for all four days of competition.

Another team that started the day on the bubble was the Larchmont Yacht Club of Rye, New York. 2004 College Sailor of the Year skipper Cardwell Potts says the team took a conservative approach in the first half of the regatta.

“If you look at our result line, it was pretty tame,” says Potts of his team’s fifth-place finish in the Red Fleet. “We’ve tried not to do anything too crazy, tried not to win at the end of the line, keep things conservative, throw away at times, not get too deep into the fleet.”

The strategy worked on Day 1, with all six placements between third and eighth. But that consistency didn’t leave much room for error on Day 2.

“We didn’t make it easy for ourselves,” says Potts. “But at the same time we saw people taking bigger risks, like starting at the flag. It would work really well or not at all. We were more or less happy with our approach, but it would have been much nicer to have more top three.”

Potts and his Larchmont team finished the regatta with victory in the last race. So you seem to be heading in the right direction. And, he adds, also the wind, which is likely to be weaker after two days of relatively strong breezes.

“[The wind tomorrow] It’s supposed to be a little bit lighter and I think we like that a little bit more,” says Potts. “I don’t think we’re going to do anything terribly different. I felt a bit out of pace upwind in the breeze. In the future, if we follow more or less the same approach, if we have a good speed, everything will be a fair bit different. If it doesn’t work that way, then I think we’ve become more aggressive.”

While the Larchmont and Shelter Island teams can hope for an uptick in optimism over the past two days, the Eastern Yacht Club crew is hoping to maintain their current level. Led by Clinton Hayes, the Marblehead Neck crew (left) won three of the four races today, showing speed and cleverness in the shifting and choppy north-west wind.

“We had very good starts today, we won three out of four,” says Hayes. “With all the current, it was just on the line. On the first launch, before the current switched, we simply won the pin. The next few if the flow [started ebbing] Most of the fleet was not on the line. We had good line sight and started a full boat length ahead.”

Few clubs take this event as seriously as Eastern Yacht Club. This approach has resulted in podium finishes at four of the five previous editions of the Resolute Cup. This summer the club chartered an RS21 to ensure the team was familiar with the boat.

Still, adding a fifth podium finish to the club’s trophy case won’t be easy. As Hayes competes in the Resolute Cup for the first time, the institutional knowledge of his crew, including four-time Resolute Cup competitor Alden Reid, and his experience over the first two days have allowed him to formulate a game plan for success.

“These races aren’t very long, like collegiate sailing,” says Hayes. “If you come off the line it makes your race easy otherwise you work really hard. [We’ve learned] a few little things with the RS21. Every time we sail it, we collect things. Hopefully we can keep up with the racquets who are really comfortable in the RS21.”

The second stage of the Resolute Cup 2022 starts tomorrow morning at 10:30 a.m. The 12 clubs that qualified for the Gold Fleet will sail the RS21 for the final two days while the 11 other clubs will sail in the sonars. While the Silver Fleet won’t be competing for the Resolute Cup or a spot in the Rolex New York Yacht Club Invitational Cup, there’s still plenty of pride on the line.

2022 Resolute Cup Qualifying Series Overall Results:

Blue Fleet (Club, Hometown, Skipper, Net Points)
1. Eastern Yacht Club, Marblehead, Mass., Clinton Hayes, 19 points
2. San Diego (California) Yacht Club, Tyler Sinks, 22 points
3. Newport Harbor Yacht Club, Newport Beach, California, Brian Bissell, 35 points
4. Austin (Texas) Yacht Club, Chris Lewis, 39 points
5. Seattle (Washington) Yacht Club, Andrew Loe, 49 points
6. Shelter Island Yacht Club, Shelter Island Heights, NY, Amanda Clark, 51 points
7. Southern Yacht Club, New Orleans, La., Ricky Welch, 55 points
8. Pensacola (Fla.) Yacht Club, Mike Levert, 61 points
9. Noroton Yacht Club, Darien, Connecticut, James Crane, 65 points
10. Stamford (Conn.) Yacht Club, Wes Whitmyer Jr., 75 points
11. Fort Worth (Texas) Boat Club, Fred Meno, 80 points

Red Fleet
1. Storm Trysail Club, Larchmont, NY, Erik Storck, 24 points
2. Corinthian Yacht Club, Marblehead Mass., Wade Waddell, 25 points
3. Lakewood Yacht Club, Seabrook, Texas, Danny Pletsch, 31 points
4. The San Francisco Yacht Club, Belvedere, California, Shawn Bennett, 38 points
5. Larchmont (NY) Yacht Club, Cardwell Potts, 44 points
6. St. Francis Yacht Club, San Francisco, California, 46 points
7. Carolina Yacht Club, Charleston, SC, James Ewing, 50 points
8. New York (NY) Yacht Club, John Bainton, 61 points
9. Chicago (Illinois) Yacht Club, Bridget Groble, 69 points
10. American Yacht Club, Rye, NY, Meg Myles, 77 points
11. Houston (Texas) Yacht Club, Roger Williams, 93 points
12. Muskegon (Mich.) Yacht Club, David Bowen, 102 points

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