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As a climate activist, cyclist and pro-mobility advocate, I followed with interest earlier this summer the discussion of a proposed paved hiking trail from North Kitsap Sound to the Olympics near North Kitsap Heritage Park. I offer here some perspectives that might be relevant there or in any regional planning along with some examples of what might work.

Charlie Michael

— The biggest threat to the critters (for whom the paved surface has been voiced as a hindrance to movement) is the climate crisis. Our wetlands are likely to dry up and disappear unless the crisis is stopped. Temperature increases will mean that the critters will have to migrate north because our region will no longer be habitable for them.

— When engineering studies identify critical areas that require additional measures to accommodate the movement of living beings, solutions exist. A great example of wetland trail design is the Soos Creek Trail in King County, where sections of the trail surface are elevated and wetland creatures pass beneath.

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