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Diana Newcomer

My husband does his best to keep the post-it note people in business. Rarely do I get into his car without finding yellow sticky notes covering his dashboard. Rob has memories to remind him of his memories. I’ve unsuccessfully mentioned several times how the iPhone app would declutter his pimply bathroom mirror, but he never gives up.

But for the first time, all the extra yellow squares added this week didn’t bother me because it means the countdown to our short trip to Europe has started. Since so many of you are preparing to leave as well, I thought some of his last-minute memories might help you prepare for the fun journey ahead:

*Check flight arrangements – be extra vigilant in this area. Never assume that the latest schedule change is the best available. computers err. On our trip to London, Delta sent a 9 hour layover in Atlanta when a 3 hour wait in Atlanta was feasible. Be proactive on your behalf and, if the schedule change is unacceptable, remind airlines of the rule that they can depart from a sister city within 100 miles of Monroe — like Jackson or Shreveport — to avoid a bad trip that day .

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